Vox worked with StarBeast as a creative resource to establish a new look for the Vox Media brand. This successful journalism giant saw immense value tapping into an outside creative perspective to help with visuals for this rebranding project. Understanding that it's not always possible to do everything in-house, Vox utilized StarBeast's deep and varied artistic styles and our sensibilities to help grow and build their brand.


As part of this rebranding project, StarBeast consulted on the development of a style guide for the Vox Media brand. StarBeast established a graphical style for the motion graphics contained in Vox's explainer videos. The StarBeast team aided in the creation of over a dozen films. StarBeast was honored to apart of this epic project to tell captivating stories that taught audiences something new about Vox.


  • Help present Vox Media in a modern design that ties together with the other Vox sub-brands.
  • Create an Anthem explainer video that is visually distinct, high-end, and better inform the audience about its many news offerings.
  • Support the Explainer Studios in the creation of fun whimsical animations for its branded content.


  • Building long-term relationships support better creative.
  • We were able to contribute to a wonderful portfolio of fascinating explainer videos.
  • Working on such a diverse series of rebrand projects was the BEST.