ESP - Mobile Masters


This is a job that got more and more expansive as we worked with the client. ESP approached StarBeast to help design broadcast graphics for their Mobile Masters Event. The more we talked about ESP’s strategy and understood the challenges they wanted to solve, together we realized there was a bigger opportunity here -- not just to create a style for the Mobile Masters Event, but to define the brand language for all upcoming ESP events. So in true StarBeast style we kicked into overdrive, using all our design and technical skills to create a broadcast graphics package consisting of 25+ custom templates for ESP events, including Mobile Masters, the World Showdown of Esports (WSOE), and ultimately ALL of their future events. We created a broadcast graphics template that gives ESP the versatility they need for future events while keeping a consistent brand language. We are thrilled to help ESP showcase some kick-ass visuals at their events and create amazing experiences for eSports fans.


ESP needed to create broadcast graphics for their Mobile Masters Event.


The scope became more exciting as we discovered with the client that we needed to create a branded template for all their future events.