Jason Mraz

"Yes" Tour Visuals

Jason Mraz and StarBeast mesmerize audiences on his Yes! tour with animated, dreamlike concert graphics that combined nature images and geometric design


After helping Jason Mraz and his team on a successful series of music videos that launched his "Yes" album he invited us to contribute visuals for his tour.

After prensenting 3 style frames to the Label they were so pleased that we were asked to execute all three. We used 3D and 2D animated elements. In addition, live-action nature footage we shot in Northern California.

Each segment was brought together with matte paintings and a 3D focal point in the center that would mounted on a circular screen.


  • Create captivating visuals that match the tone of the album and Mraz's music
  • Build elements that speak to the aethesitc of the album cover


  • We were able to make nature inspired moving paintings.
  • The social media that surrounded this tour heavily showcased our contribution to the show. 
  • We were able to work with big event screens in a non traditional way.