Imaginary Friends Society

Uni helps her friends understand chemotherapy in this animated short film.

Making of Video
Making of Video

RPA Advertising approached StarBeast with a great idea – an INSPIRATIONAL idea. They wanted to create animated films to support children with brain tumors and their families. We said we’d be honored. RPA worked with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to gather the talents of 16 animation studios around the world. The goal: to create 20 animated short films that could both educate and comfort children with brain tumors. Our small but mighty team of 8 at StarBeast had the honor of creating one of these films. StarBeast donated its time and talents to these films, as did many of our partners. We are so proud to be a part of the Imaginary Friends Society project.


  • RPA wanted to develop animated short films for the Imaginary Friends Society project with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.
  • The goal was to create a film that supports and educates children and their families as they go through cancer treatments.


  • We got to be part of a great cause.
  • We had fun blending 2D & 3D Animation to make imagination feel believable.
  • We got to work with the powerhouse team at RPA Advertising.
  • We participated in the Starry Night 5K event that helped fundraise for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, and we got to meet the brave people that drive this worthy cause.


  • StarBeast received a Platinum Pixie Award in Animation for the Imaginary Friends Society film “Chemotherapy.” This is StarBeast’s 3rd Pixie Award.