Puzzle and Dragons

Kenwood and StarBeast immerse gaming audiences into a real-world(ish) experience based on the game Puzzles and Dragons.

Have you ever had to fight a dragon on the subway with ninja stars? Of course, we all have. But no one has ever captured that experience on film…until now. With a blend of VFX and live-action, StarBeast brings the popular mobile game Puzzle and Dragons to life on a subway car as superhuman characters defeat a dragon with pizza ninja stars. Here’s how we helped Kenwood & GungHo boost game sales and bring their vision to life!


  • Immerse audiences into a fun situation where the real world collides with the Puzzle and Dragons mobile game.
  • Make audiences laugh by giving silly super powers to human characters.
  • Seamlessly blend VFX and live-action to recreate the gaming experiences for the audience.


  • You had us at dragons and ninjas.
  • The story was a catharsis for our own unresolved experiences fighting dragons on the subway.
  • We got to work with Colton Hayes and an amazing cast.