How to Decide: In-House vs. External Agency

While many esports organizations are building internal agencies, there is immense value in having an independent creative partner with an impartial perspective and understanding of the esports audience, available to work with both brands and esports organizations.

“We worked with StarBeast to create the broadcast graphics for several of our productions,” says Matt Grabowski, VP of Marketing at ESP Gaming. “They have an intuitive understanding of our industry and our audience.”

Esports is undergoing a monumental boom in the US and StarBeast believes understanding the unique interests of the esports audience is the key to success for everyone involved.

Traditional methods do not work for esports, fans have a really high bullshit meter. You have to create experiences that captivate gaming fans. Otherwise, you just end up repelling them”, says Nick Losq, StarBeast Executive Creative Producer. “We are passionate gamers that understand how to help organizations effectively create content for the esports audience.”

StarBeast is on a mission to help brands and esports organizations effectively communicate and engage with its passionate audience. Esports fans have access to vast online experiences and huge multiscreen arrays in arenas, so the creative potential to enhance their experience is unlimited. Endemic and non-endemic brands wanting to engage with these fans need a creative partner like StarBeast to shepherd them through the world of esports. 

Companies like Blizzard - Overwatch League, ESP, LA Valiant, Porsche, ESPN, and others have already tapped into the creative powers of StarBeast.